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Welcome to the Dyson Party Archives.   
We hope you enjoy your stay here at the 
Dyson Party website as we share 
the numerous parties we have had involving 
all of our wonderful friends and family . 
I took the quote below from the original 
Woodstock brochure and made it my own. 

How true it is....and this is why we keep doing it. 


Past Events


Hello, we are The Dysons and we like to party.

"Who are these people that under the hardest circumstances of their life are always there, unconditionally, for you.  The ones that use their last match to lead you through your darkest times.  No matter how much they ache or how tired they are- never once hesitating to offer that helping hand.  They donít worry about the past and never depend on the future.  Unconditional,  sincere and selfless.  These people are True Friends.


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