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Saturday April 8th ~ Las Vegas Wedding

 Rick and I were going to get married in Vegas but we turned things around a little and decided to bring Vegas here so that we could share it with over 140 of our family and friends.  

The planning consisted of finding a company who supplied gaming tables and slot machines, a cake vendor who could make a Vegas style cake and coming up with ideas to transform our house into the Vegas strip.

I made the invitations and everyone sent back poker chips as their RSVP. 

It was truly a wedding to remember!  R


Las Vegas Wedding


Hello, we are The Dysons and we like to party.

Vegas Wedding VIP Card
We did not hire a professional photographer and when I look back I really wish we did.  I was having so much fun that I did not have time to take the pictures I really wanted to take.    
Las Vegas Wedding casino money

Fantasy World Entertainment supplied our gaming tables and slot machines.


They also made up our "funny money" which we used for all the table winnings. 





As always I created a Blurb book to not only capture the pictures from the wedding but also to capture the pics of the honeymoon!!  

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