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Jimmy Buffett Halloween

When:   October 30, 2010

Where:  Vicki & Rick's House 

After visiting Key West,  Rick and I fell in love with the casual atmosphere there along with the sounds of Jimmy Buffett.  We had this party planned well before it happened so that we could actually acquire lots of Key West junk to bring back here for the party! 

This event included a live guitar player belting out all our favorite Buffett tunes,  10 foot palm trees, thatch umbrellas and a real Tiki Bar.   Rick and I made all the food for this one and the house was decorated with a mix of the islands and ghosts and goblins

Had so much fun we are doing it again in 2011

Jimmy Buffett Halloween Event


Hello, we are The Dysons and we like to party.

Buffett Invites
The invites for this event had to mix beachy with a twist of Halloween. I had a blast making them and my favorite part was incorporating the two themes together.  The most time consuming part was coming up with the ideas.

The Save The Dates were simple and gave you a glimpse of the theme by displaying a pumpkin on the beach.  

Invites took it a step farther and combined the moon with a Five O'Clock Somewhere clock, with Rick and I dressed in beach attire posing as the hands.  Then I created a Hurricane glass held by a skeleton. And of course you have to have palm trees and to make them fit with the Halloween theme I donned them with pumpkin coconuts.   

Dyson Party Buffett Halloween Save The Date




Sometimes pictures do not do justice as they don't show the true feelings you experienced however I think the Buffett pictures truly reflect the fun atmosphere experienced by all who attended.  Enjoy!  


Dyson Party Buffett Halloween Invitation




Every time I have a party I create a picture book to capture the good times and memories.

I use Blurb.com to create them.  Please enjoy looking through the book and be sure to view it in full screen. 

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