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Holler & Swaller Hoedown

When:   May 8th , 2010

Where:  The Galesville Hall 

This event was influenced by Mr John Luskey, the "Holler & Swaller" king himself!  We had over 100 people so we rented the Galesville Hall which just happened to look like a barn.   

To keep a traditional Hoedown theme we had hay bales, horses, checkered table cloths, country music, dancing and a bunch of cowpoke to join in.  The John Luskey Band was a huge hit as dancing went on all night.  Petie Greens catered the event and provided pulled pork, country potatoes, chicken and a heap of country pickins. 

This was one of our favorite events!  

Holler and Swaller Hoedown Event


Hello, we are The Dysons and we like to party.

Hoedown Invites 
When creating the Save The Date for this event I wanted to make sure from the beginning that everyone knew this was a country affair.  I think they turned out great and because I liked it so much I used the same background and theme for the invite. 
Dyson Party Holler and Swaller Save The Date




The pictures prove that everyone at this event had a Holler and a Swaller of a good time! 


Dyson Party Holler and Swaller Hoedown Invitation






Every time I have a party I create a picture book to capture the good times and memories.

I use Blurb.com to create them.  Please enjoy looking through the book and be sure to view it in full screen. 

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