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End Of The World Party 

When: October 20,2012
Where: Vicki and Rick's house/jungle
The house transformed into a Mayan jungle with crawling ivy, hanging rope bridges, butterflies, monkies, snakes and Mayan temples. .
Guests arrived in bright colors from Mayan kings and princesses, priests and nuns to read last rights, to devils to take your soul as you passed on to the other world. 
It was by far the most challenging to decorate but as you will see from the pictures the outcome was most impressive.


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Hello, we are The Dysons and we like to party.

Save The Date & Invite
As most of you know the Save The Dates only give you a hint of the theme. So be sure to pay close attention to the details. 
The invitations provide more detail on the theme and went out on September 12th.    
As always Rick spent hours down in his laboratory building props for this event. It took over a month to hang the ivy, put up the pyramid and hang the lighting.     
Oh and don't forget to check out the light show video below!  
Save The Date for October 20th, 2012